Who We Are

Sciperio, Inc. is a physical and biological research and development company offering services in mechanical, chemical, electrical, and biological sciences. With a knowledgeable and experienced staff of scientists and engineers with expertise in a variety of disciplines, Sciperio is challenging the boundaries of traditional scientific disciplines and is engaged in cutting-edge R&D projects to develop technologies for the future. Our transdisciplinary engineering approach enables Sciperio to go from invention to innovation to realization of products in its R&D endeavors. Our core capabilities include direct digital manufacturing, additively manufactured electronics (AME), printed electronics, and biological engineering. Started in 1996, Sciperio has steadily grown in revenue, employees, and scope of research. 

The name of the company is derived from two Latin words: scientia, meaning science, and aperio, to reveal. Our mission is to research new concepts, and to develop next generation technologies. Advanced technology has the ability to connect two people miles apart, to mobilize people and enable them to do business in their offices, homes and cars, to protect our homes and country, to diagnose and treat sickness, to entertain, and to teach. Simply put, advanced technology provides opportunities that were non-existent a hundred, fifty, or even just five years ago. At Sciperio, we appreciate our position at the forefront of high-tech innovation, while at the same time we recognize God’s hand in the development of technology. We respect life at all levels and seek to promote technology for the betterment of humankind. 

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