As a solutions provider, Sciperio values the multidisciplinary approach of Mechatronics, an area which influences all of our projects. We have an amazing team of interdisciplinary engineers with strong problem-solving skills who work at the limits of their expertise to expand and integrate any required field of study. Uniting the principles of mechanics, electronics, computer science, optics, control systems, and areas in between allows us to automate, monitor, and control a huge range of processes, to develop intelligent electromechanical devices, and to integrate systems.   

Sciperio has decades of precision motion system design experience, working on the sub-micron scale for process automation and optimization. We have created platform agnostic motion control software for 6-axis robots. We have sensorized existing and custom equipment to collect, interpret, and store data allowing us to gain a deeper understanding and control through implementations of machine learning. We are systems integrators who have the knowledge and flexibility to create our own embedded systems when needed or incorporate existing industrial hardware in new and innovative ways.

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