Printed Electronics

Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) are a core capability of Sciperio, Inc. Known for our Research and Development work in the printed electronics space, Sciperio is committed to developing cutting-edge processes and applications that will revolutionize manufacturing.  

Sciperio was the first company to combine 3D printing and printed electronics in 2002, the first to print a multi-layer, multi-material, electronically functional structure in 2014, and most recently the first to produce a 3D Manufactured Electronic 6U Cubesat in 2023.  We are at the forefront of developing novel processes for Printed Circuit Structures (PCS), a new area for 3D printing. PCS allows for complete flexibility in the design process and produces electronically functional structures, eliminating the need for Printed Circuit Boards.

Our company also holds several US patents in this area of printed electronics including a recent patent for a personalized electronic therapeutic training device of which some or all of the device, circuitry, and sensors are 3D printed. Patent no. 10,926,1136 is “Health Monitoring with 3D Printed Sensors”, and covers not only the device itself, but also how it communicates data in real-time to a video game for therapeutic training, as well as the device’s method of performing personalized therapy and tracking training data. These devices could take the form of a brace, wrap, bandage, or skin applique, with medication or motion inducers able to be 3D printed onto the device and dispensed to the patient.

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